Profollica Review

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Profollica was designed as a system of hair recovery for men. It is intended to minimize hair loss as it promotes hair revitalization with a formula that is doctor approved and made from all natural products. Profollica is a combination of ingredients that works to deliver healthier hair conditions when used for at least sixty consecutive days.
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The combination of ingredients improve blood circulation in the scalp and brings a level of nutrients that were absent for any number of reasons, that nourishes the follicles. Profollica also promotes the healthy scalp condition that reduces oiliness of the scalp and the associated sebum production, which will be regulated, and adds a supply to fortify the body with all the necessary vitamins that helps to minimize and even halt hair loss.  The Profollica formula works to increase the quality, elasticity and texture of hair, and vibrancy and sheen,  body and suppleness that makes a head of hair look good. Profollica also protects hair from too much sunshine therapy and the damage it will do.

The study and research of Profollica has been underway for more than 14 and the conclusion reached by researchers is hair loss is proportionally direct to the level of DHT in the scalp and follicles. DHT is a testosterone type that is responsible for destroying hair follicles and Profollica will lower those levels of DHT to reduce hair loss, and in some cases even halt hair loss.

DHT at the harmful levels is formed when alpha 5 is present and it reduces the enzymes that tend to bind to mens testosterone and eventually kills off hair follicles. The process is called miniaturization of hair follicles. The design of Profollica is intended to halt the follicle miniaturization process dead in its tracks.

Click here to order a risk-free kit of Profollica

Profollica is designed to be a dual step process designed to put a stop to the loss of hair from inside and out.  The first step is a supplement taken daily that provides the fortification  necessary to the body and delivers a series of  amino acids, proteins, nutrients and herbal extracts that work for production control of the destructive DHT.  The second step is an application of a gel activator that contains trichogen that has been proven through clinical studies to generate hair growth while the DHT progression process is blocked.

Following more than 110 days of continued Profollica use, more than 85% of hair loss participants realized less hair loss and more than 85% realized greater hair volume and growth, while more than 40% of the participants saw less hair loss after a shampoo.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Profollica

Click here to order a risk-free kit of Profollica

1. You will not pay a dime unless you see hair re-growth.

profollica2That’s right, Profollica promises on its website that if you are not completely satisfied with the product within 60 days, you can return it for a full refund.  Why would the company make such a guarantee unless they were confident it would work?  This brings us to the next reason.

2. You will see results within a few weeks.

Unlike Propecia, which makes you wait six months to see any kind of progress, Profollica is said to start working within a couple weeks, with more significant results occurring after a few months.  Again, why would the company offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if they did not expect you to see results within that time?  They would lose money.

3. Profollica does more than any other system.

Whereas most hair restoration systems simply work to lower DHT levels, Profollica goes even further than this.  It not only reduces the DHT in your system, but also removes excess sebum that clogs hair follicles, and revitalizes the follicles to increase circulation.  Finally, it strengthens your hair with vitamins and minerals.

4. All-natural and safe.

All of the elements of Profollica are created from natural substances and have been proven successful and safe; there is no need to worry about putting unsafe chemicals in your hair.

5. You will get your life back.

Aren’t you sick of constantly thinking about your thinning hair, and whether or not people are noticing it?  Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that you have a full head of hair?  You can act completely comfortable in social situations knowing that people are not staring at your head, unless of course they like your hair!

Click here to order a risk-free kit of Profollica

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